what our customers say

I teach classes at 6:30am and these are the best accessory to get me there comfortably without adding extra bulk to my gym bag that I'll be toting around the rest of the day.

Amanda S. — Fitness Instructor

Company : orchid knee high leg warmers

I throw my pipes on over yoga shorts and capris for extra warmth. They are so easy to throw on and off when I'm running from home to hot yoga. When it's chilly outside and steamy in my workout they’re so much more convenient than bringing extra clothes.

Sam E. — Yoga Teacher

Company : heather gray thigh high leg warmer

I wore my pipes during my entire pregnancy and the compression SAVED me. I'm prone to spider veins and I didn't get any during my pregnancy. I credit this to my pipes and now send them to all my pregnant friends!

Sam W.

Company : orchid knee high leg warmer

nicepipes extend the life of my favorite crops to year-round by not only keeping my calves and ankles warm but by also adding a fun pop of color.

Ashley D.

Company : royal blue knee high leg warmer

I wear the thigh-highs to barre classes and to do errands afterwards, because they look so good, I don't want to take them off. The fabric is fabulous, the look is perfect, and I'm a big fan.

Ashley P. — Fitness Instructor

Company : heather gray thigh high leg warmer

I love the way they feel on my legs; they are cozy, bright, comfortable and stylish and they add flourish to my yoga teacher uniform. nicepipes are elegant and functional simultaneously, not an easy feat!

Jenny A. — Yoga Teacher

Company : fuchsia knee high leg warmer

As a fitness instructor constantly on the go, my bag is already full of clothing changes. I love that nicepipes allows me to change up my outfits depending on the weather or even just my mood so I look stylish but perform functionally.

Liz B. — Fitness Instructor

Company : royal blue knee high leg warmer

I absolutely love my arm warmers! I began wearing them when I noticed my elbows and forearms were becoming irritated from teaching. They are very comfortable, absorbent and make it much easier for me during classes. Plus they're pretty!

Courtney L. — Fitness Instructor

Company : heather grey arm warmer

I love that I can continue to wear my collection of patterned crops to train in cooler weather with nicepipes. They're functional and add a pop of bright color!

Evann C.

Company : turks thigh high leg warmer

I am completely obsessed with my pipes. They're portable & I keep them in my bag just in case I need a quick layer. I love the material because it is supportive yet comfortable, breathes well and holds up during my sweat sessions.

Stefanie G.

Company : every color arm warmer and knee high leg warmer

I feel like I’ve doubled my workout wardrobe because I can now wear my shorter capris in colder weather thanks to my pipes.They are super soft, comfortable and don’t fall down like others I’ve tried.

Christine Y.

Company : orchid thigh high leg warmer

I no longer need to bundle up and change into gym clothes when I get to the gym - I slip my pipes on over my gym clothes and head out the door. nicepipes also never slip down - not something I can say about other leg warmers.

Megan R.

Company : orchid knee high leg warmer

I used to wear my boots to the gym in the winter to keep my ankles warm, & carry my sneakers. Now, nicepipes keep me warm even on the coldest days, and I don't have to take them off when I work out.

Sam W.

Company : orchid knee high leg warmer

I love my pipes, they fit great and are so easy to slide up and down, even during a run.

Frances M.

Company : royal blue knee high leg warmer

nicepipes are literally the perfect fit for my drawer full of capri pants. They’re both functional and fun— the best combo.

Chrissy C. — Yoga Teacher

Company : turks knee high leg warmer

nicepipes keep me warm and comfy at the beginning of my workout and then I can remove them easily once I've warmed up. So easy and comfortable.

Lauren G.

Company : black arm warmer & black knee high leg warmer

I wear my pipes during long runs on those crisp, falls days when layering is essential.

Christiana M.

Company : black knee high leg warmer

As a suburban mother, I am always on the go and need to be ready for anything. I count on my leg warmers as a layering piece in between my workout and when I drop my kids drop off.

Lauren J.

Company : black thigh high leg warmer