meet jazmina
Lisa Binderow Mar 06, 2017

dear diary,

meet jazmina pumputis, shred415 instructor and assistant manager at their old town location. I caught up with her after a seriously tough, but fun, workout to chat about her hot sauce addiction and hidden talents…

TEACHES… a sweat inducing, calorie torching interval class at Shred 415’s Old Town location.

FUNNIEST teaching moment… I jokingly dared my class to do the stanky leg dance… while on a treadmill. Two of my clients actually did it in the middle of class. Made my day!

MOST DIFFICULT thing about being an instructor… Being mindful of every aspect in class: the group on the treadmill, the group on the floor, the time, the music, cues, safety hazards and of course form.

FAVORITE beauty products…MAC eyeliner stays put even after teaching multiple classes, It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In makes my hair feel so soft and smells awesome, Urban Decay Naked Finish Bronzer gives my skin the perfect amount of color

FAVORITE WORKOUT (besides Shred415)… Studio Lagree. I might have a hard time walking afterwards, but I feel so long and toned from it! I also really enjoy boxing. It just makes you feel so fierce and ready to tackle anything.

DRINK of choice… Anything with Mezcal. I recently was introduced to it and love it. I feel like it’s a smokey mix of bourbon and tequila.

I CAN’T LEAVE HOME without… Hot sauce. I use so much of it, I literally can not go anywhere without it. My purse currently has a bottle of Bufalo in it.

GUILTY pleasure… Sunday Funday. I have a rule that is is my day to relax and enjoy, which normally turns into an all day mezcal and taco day with my boyfriend. And let’s not forget dark chocolate…

MOST USED app on my phone… It’s a toss up between Pinterest and Spotify.

HIDDEN TALENT… Cooking and baking.

if I wasn’t a fitness instructor, I WOULD BE… a personal chef. I love to cook and bake, and have a lot of fun making healthy taste great. I have done a lot of small catering for events friends have had and had a ton of fun. It would be awesome to be able to do it more often!

arm warmers

favorite NICEPIPES piece… My arm warmers!!! #obsessed

I WEAR my pipes… when I’m teaching. I’m always cold and they help me stay warm without having anything get in the way.