meet aarona
Lisa Binderow Feb 17, 2017


dear diary,

meet aarona ganesan, one seriously grounded yogi.  after an inspiring yoga class, I caught up with her to talk about the awkwardly hilarious moments she’s witnessed as an instructor, her favorite yummy + healthy spots around the city and more…

TEACHES… yoga in New York at Kula Yoga, Park Slope Yoga and Yoga Shanti.

STARTED teaching yoga… after practicing for 10 years. I discovered yoga during a very difficult time in my life and believe having that decade of practice under my belt directly benefitted me as a teacher by the time I decided to move in that direction. I like to think my teaching began long before I even called myself a teacher.

FUNNIEST teaching memory… there are so many but there’s one that stands out from this past year. a mother came to class with her 14 year old daughter and a friend of the daugher. they were caught by a wave of laughter, the kind where no matter what you do, you can’t stop and it’s blissfully painful (we’ve all been there…) they finally started to settle down a bit and 30 minutes in, a man practicing right in front of them let out a small toot. they absolutely LOST IT. oh man, it was so awkward. the mother ended up taking them out of the room and eventually came back in to practice on her own. I guess she sent them home!

BIGGEST challenge as an instructor is… showing up no matter what is going on emotionally or mentally. I always say: thank goodness for teaching and that I can drop into that space as often as I do. I think I would be a goner otherwise.

TOP beauty products are… doTerra oils– I use them every morning and throughout the day when I need a boost or help with focusing. I also rotate between coconut oil, Acure, and Butter Elixir for my face, neck, hands and hair tips. also, sleep and hydration are so so important! 

FAV food splurge… spoonfuls of almond butter with raw honey. oh and french fries.

WORKOUTS besides yoga… I’ve been really into Buti Yoga classes online lately! it’s super convenient and taps me into a feminine primal energy that feels on point during this writing phase of my life right now. 

GO-TO healthy spot in NYC… Sun in Bloom in Tribeca and Park Slope. Whole Foods in Gowanus or Tribeca, and this slow food cafe in Park Slope called L’albero dei Gelati.

RECOMMENDED reading…“The Fifth Sacred Thing” by Star Hawk, “The Desire Map” by Danielle LaPorte, and “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield

DRINK of choice… water is honestly my first choice. after that: coffee, green juice and Lemon Cayenne Kevita. It’s all about balance!

CAN’T LEAVE HOME without… lately it’s my laptop! also, doTerra oils, lip balm, journal, pen, water bottle and phone.

GUILTY pleasures… cappuccino and chocolate.

HIDDEN talent…. I am an photographer and an artist with a BFA in photography and mixed media. being an artist is at the core of all I think, feel, create and curate. I also know how to change the size of my pupils at will. and love to make potions.

I wear my pipes… over my yoga leggings to add more warmth and style when I’m teaching or practicing during colder seasons. the arms are great for layering wherever I am.

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