5 tips for writing a yoga resume
Lisa Binderow Mar 03, 2017


dear nicepipes,

I want to start applying to yoga teacher positions but have no idea how to write a yoga resume. where do I start? how do I fine tune my resume to make it stand out?

— your future yoga teacher

hey future yoga teacher!

totally hear ya, it can be tough to knock out a yoga resume *and* stand out from the crowd.  the most important thing is to keep it professional and clear – your resume should be simple, clean and easy to navigate! the basic format is:

1. a few sentences (1-2) about yourself & your teaching style

“I am a vinyasa instructor and former professional dancer. my style of yoga is yada yada yada…”

“a passionate and dedicated yogi for ten years, I teach a mindful class with a focus on blah blah blah…”

2. education

simply state your completed hours (200 hr, 300hr, 500hr), where you completed your teacher training, and when you graduated. maybe you’ve taken additional trainings on speciality topics, which is great, but your 200 RYT and/or 500 RYT should be the clearest part of your resume in the Education & Certification section.  

  • example: New York University, BA – 2004 & YogaWorks 200 hour RYT – 2009

3. additional certifications

this is your chance to add information about any additional trainings you’ve attended. continuing education courses are great because they add value to your resume and show your passion and teaching depth. avoid long descriptions and too much detail, again just what and when.

  • example: Prenatal teacher training with Carrie Parker – 40 hours, 2011

4. other work experience

certainly if you teach at other studios you will want to include those details, but other jobs you’ve had in the past can be helpful as well.  

illustrating that you are a professional, responsible human is a good thing! if you previously had or currently have another job (as us yoga teachers usually do) adding it to your resume can demonstrate that you are a reliable and driven individual, and also show your breadth. But I would suggest that the bullets you use to describe the job responsibilities relate back to why you’d be a great yoga teacher.

  • example: Responsible for recruiting and motivating staff

5. pictures of you

photo bombing your own resume has become pretty standard as images connect us more than words do today.  a simple pic of you in asana or low key headshot should do the trick.

 …and one last tip! keep your resume to one page, clear and organized is your mantra.  

 best of luck writing your yoga resume and applying for teacher positions. Email us with any more questions info@nicepipesapparel.com.