meet jessalyn
Lisa Binderow Mar 08, 2017

dear diary,

meet jessalyn keywork, a super laid back ohio gal currently teaching one killer class at cyc fitness. after a sweaty, sweaty work out, I caught up with her to find out her surprising drink of choice and current NYC wellness obsessions…

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TEACHES… indoor cycling at CYC in New York. 

STARTED teaching fitness… Thanks to being good friends with CYC creator Keoni Hudoba for the 5 years leading up CYC opening in New York. He asked if it would be something I’d be interested in knowing that I had been wanting to break into the fitness industry. Growing up I had always been physically active playing soccer and track. At the time Keoni approached me I was focused on my dance career. I was ready to let go of bartending and take the step into the awesome opportunity that was Cyc, so my answer was yes!

BIGGEST CHALLENGE as a new instructor… I didn’t have a ton of spin experience before training at CYC so that was a huge challenge! You should have seen the mass improvement I made from day one of training to our grand opening 2 months later. Keoni made magic and I seriously worked my butt off to get where I am on the CYC Stage today!

DRINK of choice… a Larceny Bourbon

MOST CHALLENGING thing about teaching… Creating a new and exciting playlist every day. I want my music selection to be exciting and get everyone fired up so they are inspired to push themselves in class. I have such a passion for music as well so I am really tough on myself to find the best moments in music.

I have also never really been great with names. This is really tough for me since I want to get to know everyone that steps foot in the room with me and find a connection with each rider. I’ve liked doing challenges in the past at Cyc because it allows me to see the same faces more often and really place the name to the face. I’ve gotten so much better with this, which has made my relationships with my riders that much stronger and more than just our relationship in the studio.

CAN’T leave home without…My Baby. Also my frends headphones and sunglasses.

If I WASN’T A FITNESS INSTRUCTOR I would be…a photographer. I have somewhat recently had a knack for this. Having quite a bit of experience in front of the camera made me realize I also have a pretty good eye behind the camera as well. It's become a fun hobby to play around with and I hope to keep getting better over time!

favorite HEALTHY spot in NYC… top 3, and all in my hood. Juice Generation, Dig Inn, Sweetgreens.

BEAUTY products I love… I’ve always been a Clean & Clear or Neutrogena kind of girl, but ever since I hit my 30's I decided to up my skin care game. I’ve been using Skin Laundry's Gentle Foaming Face Wash, 'The Youth As We Know It’ moisturizer & toner, both from Bliss.

FAVORITE workout (besides CYC!)…  I haven't been able to take advantage of much other then Cyc yet since my baby is life. But, I love to box and I'm excited that I've gotten back into brooklyn body burn when I can pull myself away to hike to Brooklyn 

I WEAR my pipes… On my way to the gym as an extra layer with a crop or over a full legging. I also got use out of them when I went skiing this last year for my legs and my arms. I realize, though, that a thigh high pipe is in my future!! 

That's it for now, I'm off to the JP for a Rainforest, XTRA ginger 


Lisa B